Chris Castorena, CEO, has been an international corporate trainer for some of the largest investigation and security companies around the world. Chris uses his 20+ years of knowledge, experience, and contacts for his clients locally, nationally, and internationally. Chris Castorena founded Justice Private Investigations, Inc. so he can help clients find the truth with their investigations worldwide.

Here at JPI our goal is to serve the client. Justice Private Investigations, Inc. is quickly becoming your go to full services Investigation's Firm. The work provided ranges in the industry from simple research to complex counter measures. Our broad range of work allows us to attract the best professionals for employment and respective clients. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to help clients in their hardest hours with our experience, training, and equipment.  Here at JPI we know how to provide you the client with the fastest, most accurate, and most cost effective solutions available to achieve a successful investigation. 

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