Crazy Ex | Stalking Case Study

Stalking Investigation ServicesI received a call asking on an update of a client 2 weeks ago. This man did not know the case number and was not the client. I told him without a case number I don’t know anything about the case. He said who hired me was —- ——–. This case he is referring to was a divorce/child custody case with a cell phone forensics and a TSCM aka Debugging. The client believed the soon to be ex husband put spy software on her cell phone and bugged her new home. He told me he was the real client and needs the cell phone back and all case files asap or he would call the Police, BBB and Attorney General. That he is on the way to my Scottsdale office and they better be ready. I told him without a case number I can’t confirm or deny any case. He was upset and said ok. I will bring $5K in cash to pick up the cell phone and case files. I said again without a case number I can’t confirm or deny or even look it up. He said ok $10K. I said again without a case number I can’t confirm or deny. He was pissed and said ok I am calling the police. I said ok and this call has been recorded. He yelled and hung up. I called the client on a new cell phone/number and she heard the call. We found out the subject broke into the clients new home downloaded spy software and put in a hidden camera in her bedroom in May of 2017. Since then Its been recording her calls, photos, videos, emails, web history, text, GPS location and bedroom activities. The client just settled out of court. She won everything she wanted in the divorce/child custody case and more today. He will also have to pay around $12K a month in alimony and all the legal fees including mine.

My client gave me permission to talk about her case.

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